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Why is The New York Times so critical of India?

Alrighty folks, let's venture into this spicy topic. Ever wondered why the New York Times seems to have a grudge against India? It's like they're playing a game of "Whose Country Can We Criticize More?" and India's their favorite contestant! Some say it's about political bias, others argue it's due to their Western perspective. Bottom line, it's a complex soup of factors, but the flavor sure seems to lean towards the 'critical of India' side!

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Do you hate Indian news channels?

As a viewer, I've been observing Indian news channels and it's clear there's a growing sentiment of dissatisfaction among the audience. The excessive sensationalism, lack of objective reporting, and incessant debates often overshadow the actual news. The intertwined relationship between politics and media also influences the content, raising questions about the credibility of these channels. While it would be unfair to say I hate them, it’s definitely disheartening to see the current state of affairs. I believe there’s an urgent need for reform to reclaim the essence of true journalism.

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