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Do one needs a marriage certificate to get passport in India?

As an Indian citizen, I've often wondered if a marriage certificate is required to obtain a passport in India. After conducting some research, I've found that it is not mandatory to provide a marriage certificate for a passport application. However, if you wish to include your spouse's name on your passport, then a marriage certificate is necessary. Additionally, if you are applying for a dependent visa, the marriage certificate becomes essential. Overall, a marriage certificate is not a compulsory document for a passport, but it can be useful in certain situations.

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What are typical problems for getting government jobs in India?

Government jobs in India can be challenging to obtain. Many people face problems such as high competition, limited vacancies, bureaucracy, and the need for high qualifications. Additionally, the selection process is often lengthy and requires multiple rounds of assessment. Furthermore, corruption and favoritism can also play a role in selecting applicants. To increase the chances of success, candidates should stay informed about the latest job vacancies, prepare thoroughly for the selection process, and build professional networks.

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Is it expensive to live in the US or India?

Living in the United States or India can be expensive depending on location, lifestyle, and income. In the U.S., wages are higher, but the cost of living is also significantly higher. In India, wages are lower, but the cost of living is also lower. Generally, living in the United States is more expensive than living in India. However, in some areas of the U.S., the cost of living is comparable to some areas of India. Ultimately, the cost of living in either country will depend largely on individual circumstance and lifestyle choices.

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