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4 Exercises To Jump Higher, Get More Explosive and Dunk A ...

Top 4 Exercises To Jump Higher, Get More Explosive and Dunk A Basketball!Get Your Free Instant Vertical Guide: http://ilovebasketballtraining.com/jumphigherf...

13 Basketball Jumping Drills to Help You Jump Higher

One-Man Drill. Jump up and touch the backboard or rim or as high as possible 10 times. Jump up and tip the ball off the right side of the backboard 10 times, using your right hand only. (If you can't do this, tip it off a wall instead, jumping as high as you can.)

How To Jump Higher - Breakthrough Basketball

Take some jumpers. Then measure yourself with feet flat standing next to a wall in sneakers. Now standing sideways with your right shoulder touching the wall, reach as high as you can with your right arm while keeping your feet flat. Mark that spot and measure the height. Do the same for the left side.

Basketball Training & Drills : Exercises to Jump Higher in ...

If you want to jump higher and dunk that basketball better, jumping rope, plyometrics and other exercises will help you get the extra height you need. Make a...

Basketball Training to Jump Higher

Basketball training to jump higher is just as important as ball handling skills. You can have great ball handling skills but if you can jump 44 inches you will have a much better shot at playing in college or professionally. The good news is that almost anyone can jump 40 inches high with the proper training.

Best Plyometrics to Jump Higher for Basketball

Any time the topic of vertical jump is involved, one type of training almost always comes up. Plyometrics for basketball to jump higher is one of the things that trainers and athletes will all mention or use during their careers. There’s one reason for that. Plyometrics are effective. This type of training isn’t new and has been used by decades.